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Workspace of the future

Feeling good and networking people are important factors for the development of workspaces in the future. The office as a workplace for employees is not losing importance after the corona crisis, but is experiencing a change in meaning. The office is a social place where personal relationships develop and are cultivated. In addition to the private relationships, the work colleagues are a large part of the social contacts and the company also serves as a social meeting point. The most important resource of every company is and will remain people and especially people as a team.

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Partitioning of conference room by glass wall Single glazing Aluminium profiles

The rapid conversion to home office due to Corona...

… made sure that the company created the technical possibilities for working from home. The majority of employees would like to return to their workplace in the office and continue to use the option to work from home, but only occasionally. The office of the future must create the prerequisites for employees to be supported in their work through an appropriate office design. It has to focus on the productivity and well-being of the employees. A concept that creates sufficient privacy and concentration and at the same time promotes teamwork and creativity.

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Separation of workplace by glass wall single glazing

Office perfectionists

The office of the future will be the center for your corporate communication. With the focus on teamwork and constant exchange, the need for privacy and quiet areas increases like never before. This is exactly where we come in! Glass partition walls integrate factors such as sound insulation and acoustics, offer a visual and real separation of rooms of all kinds.

We are in a new era in the world of work. It is not the salary alone that determines your employee, but the entire work environment. The world has changed, we're here to help you adapt. For the office sector, we see ourselves as unbeatable when it comes to advice, planning and implementation.

Alone and yet not completely isolated

The advantages of glass partitions in the office

Glass is bringing a natural material, the ease and timeless look in your rooms. It is to be able to space his freedom and to divide it simultaneously into separate functional areas.

    • Glass conference room
      Transparency promotes team awareness
    • Glass walls For space in the laboratory
      The glass wall is the resting unit for open office space
    • Glass walls for room division
      visual contact between employees optimizes communication

    We take care of everything

    Detailed advice

    We would be happy to visit you for a detailed on-site consultation or cordially invite you to our showroom, where you can convince yourself of the variety of our products without many words.

    Planning & drawing

    We plan and construct your new office environment in close cooperation with you. Before production begins, we provide you with the drawing so that you can be sure that your glass wall fully meets your requirements from a technical and design point of view.

    Production & assembly

    You will be integrated into each and every one of our work steps and can follow the processes through to delivery. The assembly is carried out by a German-speaking experienced team, which means that individual adjustments are also possible during the construction site.

    Glass wall modern office floor

    Feeling before Thinking

    The biggest factor is certainly the modern and high-quality look. Regardless of the design, whether double or single glazing, glass elements always impress with their transparency.

    Visit us now in our showroom in the Düsseldorf media harbor.

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    Glass wall for workspace

    With the know-how of 45 years

    We see ourselves as perfectionists when it comes to office and hall construction. The focus is on the performance and well-being of your employees. From planning and construction to handover, we implement your internal work with our system partition walls. A team of technicians, designers, architects and planners bring many years of experience to your projects.

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