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Workplaces need the prerequisites to support agile processes and creative ideas. In addition to the activity, the frequency and type of communication also play a decisive role in the organization of the office. Working environments tailored to the needs can not only promote the well-being of employees but also their productivity.

Offices on the corridor side with glass walls
Glass wall Horizon office with glass door

Our bb all-glass partition wall Horizon is one of the most modern and economical partition walls on the market. With its filigree profile height and the seamless connection of the glass panes, in addition to its high-quality appearance, it above all fulfills high demands on sound absorption. The uniform profile height of the floor, ceiling and wall connections ensure continuous lines. Our large selection of door systems give the accessibility form and character.

Glass wall offices with glass doors

With the transparent bonding between the individual glass elements, the bb Horizon achieves a very filigree appearance. Despite its minimalist design, the bb Horizon is a glass wall with a very high quality workmanship and a particularly high level of sound absorption.

The complete transparency of the bb Horizon glass partition walls fulfill the desire for openness in office spaces and at the same time create the necessary confidentiality for your employees thanks to the high level of sound absorption.

Glass Wall with Stripes Industrial Look

This bb all-glass partition wall gives you the opportunity to design individual work spaces made to measure

No limits due to the large selection of profile colors, door systems and glass thicknesses.

  • Highest possible transparency
  • All-glass construction
  • Frameless glazing
  • Sound absorption up to 39 dB
  • Wing and sliding doors
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System description


Room-high single glazing without vertical profiles with 10, 12 or 16 mm ESG or VSG clear glass in powder-coated glass retaining profiles made of aluminum.

Wall height

  • 10 mm glass up to 2,700 mm
  • 12 mm glass up to 3,200 mm
  • 16 mm glass up to 3,600 mm

Wall thickness

35 mm profile depth
10 mm to 16 mm glass thickness


  • Floor and ceiling profile powder-coated aluminum U-profiles
  • Toughened safety glass (ESG)
  • Laminated safety glass (VSG)


  • 35 mm + 35 mm profile +/- 18 mm

Sound absorption

up to 39 dB laboratory value

Door elements

  • Door frames made of aluminum for glass, wood or metal door leaves
  • Door frame wall-high or with skylight


Glass panes are connected to one another by means of a transparent bond.


  • Foiling, painting and screen printing