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This exclusive double glazing combines aesthetics with functionality

Glass offers unlimited possibilities for interior design. It gives all areas a high-quality look and creates a bright, open atmosphere. With its sound-absorbing properties, it allows quiet and undisturbed work - ideal conditions for offices. The right architecture and building concepts can help employees achieve their best performance. Offices as buildings are part of the job advertisement and enable employers with the right space concepts to gain advantages in the battle for the best employees.

System partition made of glass in the office
System partition made of double glazing

The bb LaLinea is the most exclusive double glazing in the partition wall area and pursues the approach of depicting a minimalist design in the top segment. The aesthetics of the bb LaLinea glass partition wall is unique due to the very slim, continuous lines of the floor and ceiling profiles. bb LaLinea gives your office a high quality, artistic look and ensures a bright and open atmosphere with one of the highest achievable sound absorption values.

Glass walls as partitioning advice rooms

The double-glazed Lalinea glass wall is used in rooms where a high level of sound insulation, maximum transparency and greatest elegance are required at the same time.

In this system, the door frames are covered by double-shell glass elements, creating a continuous glass surface. The floor and ceiling profiles are one of the narrowest on the partition wall market, they are only 22 mm high and have a tolerance range of just under 13 mm. The profiles are made of powder-coated aluminum.

Glass walls to separate workspaces corridor view
  • Highest material quality
  • High quality room design
  • Distortion-free view
  • Timeless design
  • Highest sound absorption
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System description


Double-glazed partition wall with slim lines of the floor and ceiling connections.


  • Toughened safety glass (ESG)
  • Laminated safety glass (VSG)
  • Laminated safety glass with soundproofing film (VSG-Si)

Construction height

  • up to 3,000 mm
    Wall thickness 100 mm


  • LaLinea walls can be combined with our solid steel or wood elements
  • powder-coated aluminum profiles

Sound absorption

up to 48 dB laboratory value


  • Ground +/- 13 mm

Door elements

  • Door systems are without visible hinges
  • Door frames are covered by double-shell glass elements
  • Flushglazing