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Room-high partition wall system in glass, steel and wood

Glass walls give all areas a high-quality look and create a bright atmosphere. It's about using the existing space in a new and different way than before. More culture and meeting rooms, as well as space for interaction.

Solid wall elements Wood Steel Glass
Glass conference room

The bb Metaline partition wall system is an economical and future-oriented partition wall with interesting technical details and a unique flexibility that makes your rooms something very special. In the area of fire protection, stability and sound insulation, bb Metaline can shine with maximum values. It achieves fire protection for up to 60 minutes and achieves a sound level of up to 47 dB laboratory value. This enables the Metaline to place acoustically incompatible zones close together.

Solid wall wood steel hallway

In combination with our XL steel or glass doors, the Metaline system ensures a strong look. On the one hand, the steel doors embody a minimalist industrial style, on the other hand, in combination with the glass elements, they shape the overall picture. The completely flush wall with a 0-joint underlines the high-quality look. The Metaline offers you numerous variations of glass and steel. There are various types of glass to choose from, both toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass. Whether clear, satined or even painted in different RAL colors, with the steel elements there are almost unlimited possible combinations.

  • Ceiling-high steel system partition
  • Many design options
  • Invisible room separation
  • Minimum strength
  • Light-flooded atmosphere
  • Clean and funtional design
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System description


  • Glass partition, steel wall, wooden wall
  • Monoblock elements


  • Height: up to 3,100 mm, other sizes in height or width upon request

Wall thickness

  • 82 mm
  • Glass thicknesses in 4, 6 or 8 mm tempered glass (ESG)
  • In aluminum profiles or steel profiles


  • Ground/ ceiling +/- 13 mm


  • 0.8 mm galvanized steel on 12.5 mm plasterboard
  • Single or double glazed
  • Steel or wood available
  • Fabric-related steel panels

Sound absorption

  • Solid wall Rw 45 – 53 db laboratory value
  • Glass wall Rw 29 – 44 db laboratory value

Door elements

  • Door frame: aluminum or steel, frame with 3 hinges
  • Door leaves: wide range of doors, from 40 mm to 82 mm


  • All elements are connected with tensioning screws
    Monoblock elements thanks to the patented “twist and click” system


  • Integrated power supply
  • Ventilation bars, air conditioning panels
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Cabinets, shelving systems
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Panels covered with textiles
  • Privacy glass, blinds