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Boundless perspective

Room structures with light and glazed partition walls can compensate for many of the disadvantages of open-plan offices. The time spent working from home has an enormous influence on future office design. Both quiet work areas and lounge areas are required for relaxed teamwork and alternation of different areas to work.

Panorama glass wall double glazing as a meeting room
Panorama glass wall double glazing office view

The bb panorama partition is characterized by invisible hinges. Panorama is a very solid wall system and gives your rooms strength and expression. Thanks to the ingenious construction, the bb Panorama manages with a minimum of components. With this glass partition, which works as a complete glass construction without vertical profiles, you get a high-quality glass partition with a high level of sound insulation and optimal privacy.

Panorama glass wall double glazing office kitchen

With the bb Panorama System you achieve maximum transparency within your workspaces and at the same time retain a certain flexibility for changes. Thanks to the ingenious click system, a different positioning can be implemented quickly and easily. The bb panorama glass wall enables you to cleverly integrate elements for light, ventilation, sound, multimedia and temperature regulation into the complete system. Space-saving constructions such as cupboards and furniture elements are also conceivable. Panorama underscores your striving for openness and still gives you the necessary confidentiality.

  • Maximum transparency and flexibility
  • Great freedom of design
  • Invisible hinges
  • Without vertical stands
  • Solid partition wall
  • Highest demands on sound absorption
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System description


Demountable, frameless, single or double glazed partition wall without vertical uprights.


  • Height: up to 3,100 mm, other sizes in height or width upon request
  • Width: Solid elements 900/1,200 mm, Glass elements 900/1,200 mm


  • 10 and / or 12 mm toughened safety glass (ESG)
  • or laminated safety glass (VSG)
  • 19 mm melamine / veneer-coated chipboard panels


  • Supports / stands: steel profiles, 2 x 0.8 mm compressed clamping screw
  • Surfaces: steel, galvanized, 0.8 mm by 12.5 mm
  • Inner filler: mineral wool
  • Floor and ceiling U-profiles: 1.5 mm galvanized steel profiles


  • Ground +/- 13 mm
  • Ceiling +/- 13 mm

Sound absorption

Rw = up to 47 dB laboratory value

Door elements

  • Door frame: aluminum frame with 3 hinges
  • Door leaves: wide range of doors, from 40 mm to 100 mm


  • Zero joint or 5 mm joint for massive modules
  • Glass panels are connected with transparent silicone tape, polyethylene terephthalate or polycarbonate profiles


  • Integrated power supply
  • Ventilation bars, air conditioning panels
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Cabinets, shelving systems
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Panels covered with textiles
  • Privacy glass