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Glass partition wall without transverse joints

The biggest factor is certainly the modern and high-quality look. Regardless of the design, whether double or single glazing, glass elements always impress with their transparent design, they appear open and inviting and create a modern and elegant impression. Glass walls add charm to interiors and create a feel-good atmosphere. Glass walls make rooms more translucent, brighter and larger, but they can still be functionally separated from one another. The offices of the future will be more homely and not only offer space for quiet, concentrated work, but also create space for interaction with colleagues and mutual exchange. Office furnishings will have to adapt to this change.

String² glass wall in the office
Conference room made of glass walls

Our glass partition wall bb String² is an advanced partition wall system, with enormous versatility in the use of materials. In addition to the various glazing options, String² also offers you the option of integrating steel or wood panels. Furthermore, the bb String² wall system achieves excellent fire and noise protection values. With the glass elements, we create modern and inspiring surroundings for you. Choosing a combination with steel elements will convince you with its extreme flexibility and enable you to realize efficient rooms with the highest aesthetics made of steel. The substructure of the bb String² is made of galvanized clamp supports and is mounted without pressure between the floor and ceiling profile. The solid wall panels in wood or steel, as well as the BiBlock window frame elements, are force-locked into the supports.

Glass wall steel hallway view

The bb String² wall system offers a multitude of special features. We can also integrate organisable joints, manual or electrical blinds, multimedia and sound panels into the wall elements of your choice. With the String², your workspaces will appear open and inviting, while conveying a modern and elegant impression.

Glass conference room
  • Sophisticated steel partition system
  • Allrounder
  • Unlimited combinations
  • High sound absorption values
  • Solid wall elements
  • variety of design forms
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System description


Removable partition wall clad with steel and / or chipboard.

Construction height

up to 8,000 mm


  • Height: up to 3,100 mm
  • Width: Solid elements 900/1,200 mm, glass elements 900/1,200 mm

Wall thickness

  • 100 mm
  • Double-glazed panels in 4, 6 or 8 mm thickness
  • In monoblock or biblock aluminum profiles


  • 0.8 mm galvanized steel on 12.5 mm plasterboard
  • 19 mm chipboard (melamine or veneer)
  • single, - or double glazed Flush glazing (structural glazing)
  • Fabric-related steel panels

Sound absorption

  • Solid wall Rw 41 – 50 db laboratory value
  • Glass wall Rw 41 – 48 db laboratory value

Door elements

  • Door frame: aluminum or steel, frame with 3 hinges
  • Door leaves: wide range of doors, from 40 mm to 100 mm


  • Ground +/- 13 mm
  • Ceiling +/- 13 mm


  • Zero joint or 5 mm shadow joint
  • All elements are tightened by tension screws


  • Integrated power supply
  • Ventilation bars, air conditioning panels
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Cabinets, shelving systems
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Panels covered with textiles
  • Privacy glass, blinds