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A glass partition is an excellent means of dividing rooms individually, quickly and easily without making them appear smaller or closed. The office has a new task - it will be the center for communication and a platform for collaboration. In addition to classic offices for desk work, there will have to be many opportunities for communicative work. There are places for meetings and workshops, but also opportunities for retreat. The quality of stay will be of particular importance in the future.

Vista glass wall with horizontal panes, corridor view
Vista glass wall in the office with a skylight door

The glass partition wall bb Vista enables spacious and bright rooms with seamless, fully glazed wall surfaces. Thanks to perfect technology, it adapts to your local conditions. With the bb Vista system we enable you to create a spatial demarcation without having to forego openness and transparency. The Vista has filigree wall, ceiling and floor connections. With the help of the variable aluminum profile, different types of glazing can be accommodated. With its elegant design, the bb Vista is ideal for cell offices, group offices, combined offices, but also meeting rooms, technical zones, team zones or work cafés.

Vista glass wall separating a meeting area

The installation of switches and sockets is possible in the special aluminum door side panel and thus meets all requirements for a constantly available power supply within your workspaces. Wherever you want to use the Vista, it creates a light and light-flooded atmosphere. The fine construction of the Vista makes small rooms in particular appear significantly larger.

  • All-glass construction
  • Modern look
  • Light-flooded atmosphere
  • Information carrier
  • Clean structures
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System description


Movable partition wall system in aluminum construction as a stand-free all-glass construction with filigree floor and ceiling profiles.

Construction height

  • Max. height 3,300 mm
  • Wandlänge unbegrenzt

Wall thickness

  • Profile thickness 25 mm
  • Door frame profile and door side part 58 mm


A maximum of 3.5 m² glass surface can be achieved without a glass joint

Sound absorption

  • ESG 10 mm RwP = 31 dB laboratory value
  • VSG Si 10 mm RwP = 36 dB laboratory value
  • VSG Si 12 mm RwP = 37 dB laboratory value

Door elements

  • Wall-high or door-high aluminum frame with 3-dimensional adjustable hinge substructure
  • Door leaves: Frameless all-glass door leaf, aluminum tubular frame door leaf, wooden door leaf, sliding door construction all-glass


  • 1-part or 2-part connection profiles, uniform height of 45 mm
  • Butt jointed without profile, glass connection with a passivated, recessed pure acrylate dry seal, joint width 2 mm


  • Installation of switches and sockets in special aluminum door side panel, width 125 mm Light switch (low-voltage system) can be integrated in the frame