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Vista Duo

Rooms with a new lightness

Light glass partition walls in offices can reconcile the contradiction between protected individual work areas and open, uncomplicated communication. Open office landscapes are transparent and open to quick communication, but they do not meet the actual needs of employees. Too much noise and a chaotic atmosphere impair the performance of employees.

Glass walls to separate workplaces, corridor view of the entire floor
Glass walls to separate the conference room

The bb Vista Duo is a glass partition wall with double glazing, without visually disturbing supports and with thick double glass doors. Despite the lack of supports between the individual glass elements, the bb Vista Duo achieves a high level of stability. The wall-thick double glass doors also ensure a high level of sound insulation in the door area. The doors, which are flush with the glass wall, reach an astonishing 45dB. With the use of the bb Vista Duo, you get light-flooded, bright rooms and an improved room atmosphere in which your employees and your customers feel equally comfortable.

System partition made of glass in the office

With the Vista Duo, the glass surfaces connect seamlessly, thanks to the filigree connection profiles, you have no irritating dust edges. Overall, the Vista Duo is a strong argument for more concentration and productivity in your company.

  • 2-shell all-glass construction
  • Timeless and clean design
  • Fine structures
  • light-transmissive
  • Transverse skylights
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System description


Movable partition wall system in aluminum construction as a standless, 2-shell all-glass construction with filigree floor and ceiling profiles, without support profiles.

Construction height

  • Max. height 3,200 mm
  • Unlimited wall length

Wall thickness

  • 100 mm
  • Door frame profile and door side part 58 mm


Max. 3 m² glass surface can be realized without glass joint

Sound absorption

  • 10mm ESG/ 12mm ESG RwP = 42 dB
  • 10mm ESG/ 10mm VSG Si RwP = 43 dB
  • 10mm ESG/ 12mm VSG Si RwP = 44 dB
  • 12mm ESG/ 12mm VSG Si RwP = 45 dB
  • Vista Duo door RwP = 45 dB
  • Door element with wooden door RwP = bis 36 dB
  • Aluminum tubular frame door = RwP = bis 38 dB
  • All-glass door RwP = bis 33 dB

Door elements

  • Door frame: aluminum frame, double or single rebate
  • With 3-dimensional adjustable belt substructure
  • Door leaves: flush glazing, closed surface, plain or wood decor, frameless all-glass door leaf, aluminum tubular frame door leaf, wooden door leaf, sliding door construction


  • A 1-part or 2-part connection profiles, uniform height of 45 mm
  • Butt jointed without profile, glass connection with a passivated, recessed pure acrylate dry seal, joint width 2 mm with polished, butt jointed glass edges
  • Door frames, floor, ceiling and wall connection profiles made from extruded aluminum profiles


  • Installation of switches and sockets in special aluminum door side panel, width 125 mm
  • Installation of electrical horizontal blinds in the space between the panes possible